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What Space Movie Came Out In 1992

What space movie came out in 1992? The answer may surprise you. It wasn’t the blockbuster hit “Aliens” that many people remember. In fact, it was a smaller scale indie film released that year called “Gayniggers from Outer Space” directed by Morten Lindberg. While it may not have had the same level of hype as some of its competitors at the time, “Black Men from Outer Space” has since grown a cult following and is now considered to be a classic in the space genre. So what makes this movie so special? Here are just a few reasons.

Gayniggers from Outer Space 1992

In early 2019, a bizarre phenomenon took over the social media platform Reddit. Users began posting warnings not to Google the phrase “space movie from 1992,” as doing so would result in the search engine displaying a direct link to the film “Stargate.” Of course, clicking on this link would spoil the plot of the film for anyone who had not yet seen it. The strange thing is that, despite being posted by hundreds of different users, there was no indication that this was a hoax or an intentional attempt to trick people. Instead, it appeared that everyone who posted about it genuinely believed that Googling this phrase would result in spoiling the plot of “Stargate.”

What is Gayniggers from Outer Space 1992 about

Gayniggers from Outer Space Poster

In the year 1992, a space film was released that led the story of gay men who planned to freeing themselves from earth’s dominating women. The main theme of this film is the trials and tribulations these free men oppressed by females go through in order to build up a new entirely homosexual society. The sci-fi genre is mixed with comedy and a gay atmosphere, making for an interesting and entertaining film. This film is significant because it was one of the first mainstream films to focus on homosexual themes and relationships. Although the film was not well-received by everyone, it is an important part of LGBTQ + history and culture, and is a gay ambassador.

Gayniggers from Outer Space 1992 Trailer


#1. Is this a real shot from the 1992 film, or was the shot just made in color?

Somewhere there is also a color version of the movie Gayniggers from Outer Space, but I could not find it. Anyway, it looks just impressive, doesn’t it 🙂


Space Movie 1992 — Gayniggers from Outer Space Wiki

The film follows a group of homosexual free men (gay black men) from an intergalactic planet called Anus. It is like extraterrestrial beings travel the galaxy to free. These space travelers discover the presence of females on Earth and decide to demolish every last one, using ray guns because their population was oppressed by women who took over when they were gone for so long during wartimes before that even out 600 years ago! They also leave behind their “Gay ambassador” (not really sure what’s up with those guys) teaching us about life elsewhere in this universe…or maybe just telling jokes?

  • Year: 1992
  • Duration: 26 minutes (short film)
  • Director: Morten Lindberg
  • Writers: Morten Lindberg, Per Kristensen
  • Stars: Gbatokai Dakinah, Coco C.P. Dalbert, Sammy Salomon
  • Top Casts: Sammy Salomon as Capt. B. Dick, Anne Busacker as Ukranian, Konrad Fields as Mr. Schwul, Gbatokai Dakinah as Sgt. Shaved Balls, Verner Mollerup Christensen as Ukranian (as Verner Christensen), Torben Zenth as Ukranian
  • Soundtracks: Bilitis
  • Composed by: Francis Lai
  • Country of Origin: Denmark
  • Language: English
  • As known as: Sgt. Shaved Balls
  • IMDB Rating: 5.8/10
  • Produced by: Dino Raymond Hansen (executive producer)
  • Cinematography by:  Henrik Kristensen
  • Production Design by:   Per Kristensen
  • Film Editing by: Prami Larsen
  • Costume Design by: Maja Rasmussen
  • Art Direction by: Per Kristensen
  • Special Effects by: Per Kristensen – special photographic effects
  • Sound Department: Peter Schultz – Sound, Jens Bangsholt – Sound director
  • Art Department: Bjorn Nymand – first assistant decorator, Jesper Andersen – second assistant decorator,  Joakim zacko Weyland – third assistant decorator
  • Transport Department: Soren Jacobsen – driver
  • The film also participated in the Stockholm Queer film festival.

Images from the film


Capt. B. Dick: Kneel down, and prepare to receive the holy gay nigger seed!

Capt. B. Dick: I know you’re afraid ArmInAss, but my son- this is just step on the long road to becoming a GayNigger.

Capt. B. Dick: It started when you’re father gave birth to you… and who knows, maybe after this mission, you’ll get the sign of the brown ring- and can truly call yourself a GayNigger.

Capt. B. Dick: And that’s what you’ve been preparing for since you went to GayAgent School.

ArmInAss: You really think so sir?

Narrator: All of you stick your hands into the holy asshole and when it lights up you’ll have found the one.

Sgt. Shaved Balls: [seeing a man and a woman kissing] Holy Phallus! What are they DOING down there?

The Gay Ambassador: Wow! What do you think of my new body?

Capt. B. Dick: Yes, very attractive.

ArmInAss: [shouts] You look like a…dream!

Trivia regarding Space Movie

The director took inspiration from ‘Plan 9’ From Outer Space in choosing the title of this film. One surprise is that most scenes shown are filmed in black and white, except for one epic conclusion which has an added effect with color schemes to create dramatic visuals!

The director predicted the success of this film with an establishment on how women are viewed as leaders and figures in society. Not only does he show their strength, but also shows where they can be abusive towards others when given power over them too much or not enough.”

This film’s title is inspired by “Grave Robbers from Outer Space,” which was the original title for the 1959 horror film known as “Plan 9 from Outer Space.”

Gayniggers from Outer Space 1992 — Full Movie on YouTube

The only problem, you can only watch this film on YouTube because of the mandatory age restrictions by clicking on the link.

More films about space released in 1992

Alien 3

Alien 3 1992 Poster

Alien 3 is a 1992 science fiction horror film directed by David Fincher. It stars Sigourney Weaver reprising her role as Ellen Ripley. The film takes place on Fiorina “Fury” 161, a prison planet and refinery for malevolent Company Weyland-Yutani. In the film, Ripley crash-lands on the planet and discovers that a xenomorph has impregnated her with an alien embryo. The film earned mixed reviews from critics but was generally considered to be inferior to the first two films in the franchise. However, Weaver’s performance as Ripley was praised, and the character has gone on to become one of the most iconic in horror movie history.

Batman Returns

Batman Returns Poster

The most significant space movie of 1992 was Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. While it wasn’t set in outer space, it featured one of the best on-screen portrayals of The Penguin, famously played by Danny DeVito. It also had one of the darkest and most memorable scenes in any Batman movie, when The Penguin attacks Max Shreck (played by Christopher Walken) with a swarm of bats. All in all, 1992 was a great year for space movies.

Good Movies Came Out in 1992

Dracula Poster


One of the most highly anticipated films of 1992 was Bram Stoker’s Dracula, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Gary Oldman as the titular character. The film was a huge success, grossing over $215 million at the box office. It was praised for its atmospheric visuals and Oldman’s magnetic performance, and it went on to receive three Academy Award nominations.

Aladdin Poster


Another popular film that came out in 1992 was Disney’s Aladdin, which broke new ground with its use of computer-generated animation. The film was a massive success, grossing over $500 million worldwide, and it won two Academy Awards.

Reservoir Dogs Poster

Reservoir Dogs

1992 also saw the release of Quentin Tarantino’s debut film, Reservoir Dogs. Although it wasn’t initially a commercial success, the film has since become a cult classic, and it helped to launch Tarantino’s career as one of Hollywood’s most popular directors.


What Space Movie Came Out In 1992?

The 1992 release you might be thinking of is an indie film titled “Gayniggers from Outer Space.” Although not as famous as blockbusters of the time, it has since gained a cult following and is regarded as a notable entry in the space genre.